25th Oct 2019, “Teaven” in Hase, Kamakura New Open!


The second domestic branch of “Teaven” will be open on 25th October. “Teaven” is a Japanese-tyle bubble tea shop whose first store became the most popular bubble tea shop in Kamakura. The second branch is located one minute away from Hase station, Enoden Line. Just like the main store near Kamakura station, tapioca drinks will be made by hand-whisking in front of customers. Only Hase store will have “tapioca crêpe” and among all the menu, the most interesting one would be “9-level Matcha Boba Drink”. Customers can choose the strength of matcha from 9 (!) levels in addition to sweetness level and boba type. Teaven Hase branch sells high quality bubble tea with an unique and entertaining style.

Teaven was born, being inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. So, the concept of the brand is to make the Japanese tea ceremony more approachable and enjoyable to everyone in different ages and from different countries. Their unique way of making matcha bubble tea has become a huge success to entertain a lot of people, and picked up by many magazines and TV programs. Their second branch shares the same concept and spirit, providing their products in a different and entertaining way.

As for the interior design, it’s different from the main store in Kamakura, which is authentic Japanes style, the Hase branch has refreshing white walls with 2D blue drawing illustrations. The open, playful, and entertaining design perfectly matches the store concept, the location, and customers!

Shop Name:Teaven
Address:2-16-7, Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa Japan
Access:1 min from Hase, Enoden Line
Opening Hours:Apr-Sep 10:00~18:00 / Oct-Mar 10:00〜17:00