18th August 2018, Modern French Restaurant “FITS” at Ginza New Open!


There are two choices in our menu : “Chef’s Specialty Full Course Meal” and “Custom Made A La Carte”. If you choose the full course meal, you can enjoy fresh, seasonal dishes cooked in highly skilled, border-less, and unique ways by the chef Sumi who has the experience of working for a renowned Spanish restaurant “El Bulli” and other modern international restaurants in Tokyo. If you would like a la carte, we will show you the fresh ingredients we have prepared, hear your requests, and suggest how to cook them so you can actually enjoy being a part of creating a custom made menu for your needs and wants. “Duck” is one of our focus, and we make sure there are a few kinds of ducks prepared from France, Hungary, and Japan. We serve caviar and truffles at purchase price so that you can enjoy them with the dishes. The wine that go well with our dishes are selected not only from Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Champagne, but also from Italy or California. You can enjoy organic and vintage wines as well. There are also wine and food pairing menu for the course meal. There are affordable priced glass wines as well. This restaurant is more like a warm, friendly the hole-in-the-wall restaurant rather than classical, fancy modern french restaurant. We will provide “the speciality of gastronomy” and “the freedom of a la carte” on your preference and make your daily life satisfactory.

Shop Name:FITS Ginza
Address:Azuma building B1, 5-9-17, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Japan
Access:3 mins from Ginza Station
Opening Hours:18:00-23:00(L.O.21:30)