September 19, 2021 An authentic restaurant A cafe restaurant where you can enjoy desserts- Régalez–Vous – (レガレ ヴ)

Connecting Paris and Kamakura with Dessert

A cafe restaurant where you can enjoy authentic French restaurant desserts will open on Onari Street in JR Kamakura Station.

“Régalez-Vous” is a phrase used by chefs to treat and treat food, meaning “Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.”.
This restaurant was named after the chef who wanted everyone to enjoy the special desserts that he made with his heart and could not eat anywhere else.

Sato Ryotaro, the owner and chef of Régalez-Vous, gained experience as a pastry chef in France and will open his first store in Japan after 26 years of experience. Kamakura, an ancient city surrounded by the sea and mountains, was chosen as the base to deliver desserts filled with the French spirit and sense that had been acquired over the years in Japan.

The beautiful nature of Kamakura and the lifestyle of Kamakura are the perfect climate for Chef Sato to realize his dream. The morning of “Régalez-Vous” starts with a French breakfast style with the aroma of cafe au lait and butter. We serve croissants made with plenty of Montague AOP fermented butter, and vienowaserie such as pan au rezin and pan au chocolat. The lunch is a sandwich made by a pastry chef and a freshly fried fritto, which is a colorful expression of “a modern and delicious Paris woven with ingredients”. Of course, draft beer is also available.

In the store’s design, the only seven seats at the special counter are located on the raised floor in the back, and are commonly known as “Stage R”. You can enjoy a luxurious moment while watching, smelling, listening, feeling, and stimulating your five senses with the Assiette sale, which Chef Sato himself created and could only taste in a restaurant.

At Régalez-Vous, one dish to eat is the souffle on the left bank of Paris. This Kamakura store is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy the taste of soufflé that has been brought back from the menu of “Lapérouse”, the oldest restaurant in Paris that served as chef patissier in 1766.

After a quarter of a century in France working side by side with top chefs and pastry chefs, you can enjoy the gorgeous desserts to your heart’s content.

Store Name: Régalez – Vous
Location: 10 -4 Onari-cho, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: 1-minute walk from the west exit of Kamakura Station on the Yokosuka Line
Opening Hours: 8: 00 ~ 18: 30
Closed: Irregular