A Hair Salon That Brings out Inner Beauty
– I am –

  1. interior

This is a renovation of a hair salon which is located 1 minute away from Gakugeidaigaku station.

The target customers are grown-up women, and the salon concept is to bring out the inner beauty by approaching not only each customer’s hairs but also her body and heart. The salon has services to enhance customer’s health, such as V-steaming.

We have started the renovation by demolishing the existing salon and found many unexpected problems; there was one more wall behind the wall or garbage under the floor…We didn’t have the plan of the building because it was built 30 years ago.
Because the budget was fixed, we had to change and adjust the design plan many times so that we can express the salon concept.
We aimed to make a natural salon by avoiding chemical materials and using plants and swags for the interior as much as possible.

During the day time, a lot of sunlight coming in makes a natural, healthy atmosphere. At night, the lighting creates an elegant atmosphere.

We have changed the name of the shop at the same time.
The shop name “I am” has two meanings. One is that this is a place to remember who you are, which we tend to forget in busy days.
The other meaning is; the sound of I (ai) in Japanese means “love” and AM(amu) means to spin. We hope this salon will be a place where all the love gathers and spun into one.

I am

Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Hair Salon
Gakugeidaigaku station
November, 2018
Reinforced Concrete
Number of Floors
Third Floor