“Mont Bline”, Symbolic Lines on the Wall of the Shop
– Mont Blanc Stand –

  1. interior

As you can see from the shop name “Mont Blanc Stand”, this is a mont blanc cake specialty shop, located 5 minutes away from Kamakura station.

The shop owner is also a patissier at a dessert shop named “Au Petit Matin” located in Kanazawa of Yokohama city, Japan.
The target customers for “Mont Blanc Stand” are “local madame” in Kamakura. What we aimed was to create a shop that would be loved by locals.

The mont blanc cakes will be made right in front of customers at each order. A piece of mont blanc cake, looking like a jewelry, lasts only 2 hours.
It’s a masterpiece that you cannot taste anywhere else.

White stucco of the main wall sympolizes whiped milk, and brown mad plaster lines symbolizes chestnuts cream. There are groups of 3, 5, and 7 chestnuts cream-like lines on the white stucco wall. In Japan, odd numbers are considered lucky numbers since ancient times. We hope the shop will be a place to connect people, spreading the unique culture of Kamakura city. The wall expresses the blessings from the earth, using natural materials, and is the symbol of the shop.

The wall will be lighten up at night, which can be seen from the outside. The interior is made mostly by mud and woods with simplicity, and the brown little mont blanc cakes add spice to the space.

We hope “Mont Blanc Stand” will be a place for people to encounter a piece of mont blanc cake they’ve never had before.

Mont Blanc Stand

Mont Blanc Cake Shop
JR Kamakura Station
February, 2019
Made of Wood
Number of Floors
1st floor