A Café That Supports Local Businesses in Kamakura
– Siblings –

  1. interior

Kamakura is one of the most popular touristy places in Japan, and there is a fascinating mixed atmosphere of lively energy and relaxation.

“The persona” for the shop is a 31-year-old female freelancer, and the shop concept is “to support local businesses”. A meeting room with a large monitor and a printing machine are installed in addition to wi-fi and plugs for each seat to provide easy and comfortable working environment for customers. There are increasingly more and more co-working offices everywhere, but this shop can be used for work more casually with less cost but with the comfortability and office functions. The meeting room also can be used for music lives or workshops. We hope this place will be where local people gather and connections and new ideas will be born.

Siblings hopes to corporate with local businesses and make Kamakura even more inspirational, energetic, and “hot” town in Japan. “Kamakura Vegetables”, which is not only delicious but also highly nutritious and has more vivid, beautiful colors compared to other vegetables, will be used for food menu supporting local farmers.

The overall shop color is white, which gives “clean” impression and shows the interior arts beautifully. We utilized the wood building structure and the high ceiling to create open and free atmosphere. We have designed a lot of cube shapes for the interior such as tiles, lighting, mud-plaster arts with the spirit of playfulness.

The featured menu is a 5cm cube shaped bread, “Sib’s Cube”. You can choose your favorite toppings from more than 20 choices such as, Honey Lemon Cream Cheese or Avocado Wasabi Mayonnaise. “Sib’s Cube” is not only delicious but also cute and fun to see, and looks great on Instagram. We have decided to provide hand-made low-calorie, low-fat foods, considering the target customers are women in their thirties.

We hope the shop will grow with the local businesses and also create new businesses there.


Kamakura Station
April, 2018
Built of wood
Number of Floors
2nd Floor