Insert a “Red box” into the shopping street
– mille mele komachi street-

  1. interior

This is a shop where you can enjoy freshly baked apple pies. It’s a five-minute walk from the east exit of Kamakura Station.

The shop name “Millemere” means “1,000 apples” in Italian.
By laying more than 1,000 times for the pie crust, it swells greatly when baked and you can enjoy the crispy texture.
A fermented butter from France, which is said the most delicious butter in the world, is used for the piecrust.
So that, the sweet and mellow smell when baked and the unique aftertaste of butter become a habit forming.

We focused on tourists in Kamakura and aimed for a shop that was easy to take out.

Like the first shop, the exterior wall is colored white and the interior is colored extremely red.
At first glance, it is easy to imagine an apple, and the synergistic effect with the smell of apple pie is intended to attract customers to the shop.

Boxes are piled up on the wall inside the shop to encourage box buying.
It’s a fun shop that makes customers want to enter when they pass in front of the shop.

With the hope that it will be a place where you can meet the best apple pie in the world.

mille mele komachi street

Apple Pie Specialty Shop
JR Kamakura Station
October 2020
Reinforced Concrete
Number of Floors
1st floor