Insert a “Red box” into the shopping street
– mille mele Karuizawa-

  1. interior

It is a store where you can enjoy freshly baked apple pies planned from Karuizawa Station to the main street of Karuizawa.

The name “mille mele” means “1,000 apples” in Italian. By folding the pie dough into more than 1,000 layers, it expands greatly when baked, and you can enjoy its crunchy texture. The pie crust is made with a lot of French fermented butter which is said to be the most delicious in the world. Therefore, the sweet and rich aroma when baked and the unique aftertaste of butter become addictive. It is a very sinful store.

We focused on tourists in Karuizawa and aimed to make it easier to get takeout.

Like the Kamakura store, the store’s white exterior walls are dyed extremely red, making it easy to imagine apples at a glance, and the synergy with the aroma of apple pie is expected to draw customers to the store.

Boxes are stacked on the walls of the store to encourage customers to buy boxes. I think it became a fun shop that you can’t help stopping by if you pass in front of it.

This is a place where you can meet the best apple pie in the world.

mille mele karuizawa

Apple Pie Specialty Shop
JR Karuizawa Station
April 2022
wooden building
Number of Floors
1st floor
mille mele