New Style Cafe of This Age
– Coin Space Shibuya –

  1. interior

This is a project of a new style café near Shibuya station. The previous tenant ran away from the place leaving everything such as their products and mechanics. Also there was no plan of the building, so we had to start working on the project by measuring.

“Coin Space” is a new type of business which is to lend a space with a charge depending on how long you use the place. Unlike cafes, you are allowed to bring in some food and drinks. You can use the space for whatever you want to do, like meetings. We have planned various usage of the space and prepared things such as counter seats, table seats, meeting rooms, private rooms, or smoking rooms.

There were quite some conditions and limits for the construction, because there are many different kinds of tenants in the same building. However, we have tried to make the place so exciting that you want to come back again by decorating portraits from all over the world, or making each room with different colors and themes.

We hope people make lots of great memories here.

Coin Space

Shibuya-ku,Tokyo / Japan
May. 2015
Reinforced concrete