Believing New Possibilities
– Teaven×Red Diamond Akasaka –

  1. interior

This is a bubble tea shop located near Akasaka station.
At the shop, customers can enjoy Japanese art of tea ceremony modernly and globally.
The shop name “RED DIAMOND” is a double name with a specialty coffee shop overseas.

We believe new possibilities of tapioca by focusing on special coffee.

We have set the target customers as young women who work at Akasaka and designed coffee and tapioca to be enjoyable in an industrial space.
You can enjoy coffee at the classy counter.

The interior walls are made of delicate and beautiful plasterers, finished with charcoal-filled Juraku walls, and rusted iron plates are used for the counter back.
A unique space was created by using opposite material.

When you want to take a break, this place makes you to forget the bustle of downtown.

At first glance it’s hard to tell what shop is on the facade, but you can enjoy real coffee in the door.
We hope this place will bring marriages of coffee and tapioca!

Teaven×Red Diamond Akasaka

Speciality Coffee × Bubble Tea
Akasaka, Chiyoda Line, Tokyo Metro
December 2019
Reinforced Concrete