Corten Steel Wall
– Teaven×Red Diamond Sengawa –

  1. interior

It is a cafe where you can enjoy Japanese tea ceremony in a modern and global way.
This cafe is located in a lively shopping district near Sengawa Station.

“RED DIAMOND” in the shop name is a double name with an overseas specialty coffee shop.

Focusing on specialty coffee, we discover new possibilities for tapioca.

For locals living in Sengawa, we designed a cafe to enjoy coffee and tapioca in an industrial space.

A roaster is placed on the first floor so that you can enjoy the scent of roasting throughout the cafe.
In addition, the surface of the wall was decorated with corten steel, and a story-oriented paint was drawn on it.

On the second floor, where the seats are located, delicate and beautiful plaster, which is a material that conflicts with corten steel, is used for the inner wall, creating a unique space.
By decorating about 150 origami cranes on the ceiling, we designed to make it feel more playful not only inside the shop but also from the outside.

The cafe provides a “place” rooted in this area where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the shopping street.

The front facade is also made of Corten steel, so you can enjoy real coffee when you enter the shop while feeling a solid feeling.

We hope this place will bring encounters with a new possibility of coffee and tapioca!

Teaven×Red Diamond Sengawa

Speciality Coffee × Bubble Tea
Sengawa, Keio Line
January 2020
Reinforced Concrete