Relaxing Clinic with the Scent of the Woods
– Aizawa Obstetrics and Gynecology –

  1. interior

This was a project to repair and renovate the existing obstetrics and gynecology clinic at Tsukimino in Yamato city. It had been many years since the clinic opened, and it was also repaired many times already, so the interior was ruined quite badly. Our aim was to create a highly functional and relaxing space made with a lot of woods.

It was not easy to process the construction while the clinic was still open for patients, but we managed to plan the schedule effectively without affecting patients.

After starting the construction, we have found the piping and wiring diagrams were incorrect because of the repeated repairs of the clinic in the past. Yet, we processed the construction carefully as discussing with the construction company and the owner closely.
We have used indirect lightings so that the clinic makes calm and relaxing atmosphere. We have also used diatomaceous earth for the walls and ceilings to add a gentle atmosphere. The sign is designed simply with the pictogram at the center.

We have also suggested to use the newest IT technology for a reception so that patients don’t have to wait for so long.

We truly hope the babies born at this clinic will grow healthy and happy.

Aizawa Obstetrics and Gynecology

Yamato-shi, Kanagawa / Japan
Obstetrics and gynecology clinic
Nov. 2015
Reinforced concrete
Number of Floors
3rd floor