Soba Restaurant That Shows the Beautiful Gestures of Making Soba
– Yakko –

  1. interior

This is a project of a soba restaurant near Gakugeidaigaku station in Tokyo. The owner is a lady who studied under a famous soba teacher. “Juwari-soba”, soba made of one hundred percent buckwheat, she makes is fresh and fine.

The ingredients are the most important part for soba making. Just like soba making, we have decided to use the authentic, high quality materials for the interior. We have used a wood from Hidatakayama mountains for the counter and designed it in a way to show the shop owners professional gestures of making soba.

We have used a traditional washing method for the floor and selected plastered mud walls like a Japanese Tea Room. For the small furniture, we have used simple lightings and the coat hungers made of bamboos to express the beauty of Japanese design.

We have also used a lot of woods from Hidatakayama for the Japanese household furnishing, and tailor made “the noren”, a Japanese style curtain, in Kyoto. The hand-carved shop sign is lit up beautifully. The Japanese designed restaurant with the beautiful contrast of lightings and shadows matchs Japanese sake and soba more than anything.

We hope people enjoy the owner’s delicate and tasteful soba at this place.


Meguro-ku, Tokyo / Japan
Gakugeidaigaku Station
February 2017
Built of wood
Number of Floors
First floor