1st May 2018, a cafe that supports local businesses, “Siblings” New Open!


We have started this project with the aim of supporting local businesses in Kamakura area. We use “Kamakura Vegetable” for the food we serve to support the local business. Our masterpiece is “Sib’s Cube”, which is our original cube shaped bread with toppings of your choice. You can choose your favorite topping from almost 20 kinds of toppings including “honey lemon cream cheese” or “avocado wasabi mayonnaise”, so you will never get tired of it. The toppings are also hand-made, so they are low-fat, low-callory.

We also hope to support local businesses by providing a nice place to work at to those who work as freelance. Kamakura is a place where there are somehow many freelancers. We have planned menus and interior designs by targeting women in their thirties who work as freelance and we hope “siblings” will be a perfect place to do your work.

Of course, those who don’t work in Kamakura or men are welcomed as well!
We hope “siblings” will be a birthplace of new businesses.

Shop Name:Siblings
Address:13-36 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa/Japan
Access:2mins from the East exit of Kamakura station
Seats:22 Outside 5
Opening Hours:8:00〜20:00