CHUNON BRILLANTE New Open in Kamakura!


The shirt brand “CHUNON BRILLANTE (Chynon Brillante)” dealing with American traditional shirts and aloha shirts is opening a flagship store in Kamakura! The first store not only sells shirts but also has a cafe. It is located on Yuigahama-dori, which connects Hasedera Temple and Kamakura Station, so it is perfect for a side trip to Kamakura.

The building is made of wood from Hakone trees, and there are 8 stores in total living together. Its unique appearance, which lavishly uses wood and minimal use of chemicals, stops passersby from going, saying, “What the hell?”. The interior is naturally made without overwork, leaving the pillars as they are, and using chemical paints and products as little as possible. You can enjoy shopping while enjoying the smell of breathing wood.

The shirts of “Chynon Brillante” are made in the top-level shirt factory recognized from all over the world, and many people visit the factory from all over the country due to the high level of technology. The attention of the craftsman is reflected everywhere, such as covering the cloth so that the cut is not seen when rolling up the sleeves, and making the aloha shirt pattern by hand so that it does not shift from side to side. In addition, aloha shirts are made from fabric ordered from “Iorani”, a well-established brand with the longest history in Hawaii, the home of aloha shirts. I want you to enjoy Ametra shirts and aloha shirts with Japanese techniques.

At the flagship store in Kamakura, there are also plans for events where you can create an original shirt that is not seen anywhere else in the world, such as denim shirts with original damage processing and white oxford shirts with your favorite painting. You can find your favorite item while taking a break with coffee at the actual store that reproduces the concept of the brand “Give me your shirt.”.

Address:6-8, Sasamecho, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Japan
Access:4 mins away from Enoden “Wadazuka” station. 13 mins from JR Kamakura station.
Opening Hours :