Renewal Open of Hair Salon “I am” in Tokyo!


 An organic hair salon, “IVORY” was opened near Gakugeidaigaku station 10 years ago. In order to express the salon concept better, they have decided to renovate the salon interior and change the name to “I am”.
 Over the years, they have focused on minimizing the damages on hairs from outside and come to understand that the most important thing is to bring out the inner beauty from within as well.Since then, they have been learning about aromatherapy, Chinese medicinal cuisine, and about bodies in general to find cures for physical problems which can decline one’s inner beauty. Through all these leanings, they started to know the importance of the three well-balanced approaches to one’s body; minimize damages and protect hairs from outside, cure the inside of the body, and maintain mentally healthy condition.
 These knowing brought them clearer salon concept, “enrich people’s lives through care for their hairs, bodies, and hearts”, and that’s when they have decided the renovation. We have used a lot of plants to make a place where you can feel the nature in the midst of busy city and also made a private room so that they can accept various kinds of request from customers. We have added rooms for V-steaming for improving health and for counseling. As for the hair products, they use non chemical or organic products to minimize the damages.
 We hope the salon “I am” will be a place for women to remember who they are, which can be easily forgotten in our stressful daily lives.
The sound of “I (ai)” means love and “am (amu)” means spin in Japanese. We hope all the love will be spun into one like a string at this salon.

Shop Name:I am
Address:3rd floor, 2-19-20, Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access:1 min on foot from Gakugeidaigaku station (Tokyu-toyoko line)
Open:9:00~19:00(until 20:00 on Saturdays)