”KIELO” is a specialty coffee stand located 4 minutes away from Akihabara station. The shop name “KIELO” means lily of the valley in Finnish. The language of the flower is “happiness comes again”. The owner of the coffee stand believes that simple things, rather than unusual ideas to gather attentions, bring happiness to customers at a cafe, such as a high quality cup of coffee, a relaxing atmosphere, and warm human interactions. It’s easy to say than done, but “KIELO” aims for reaching the excellence in these three factors and focus on bringing happiness to its staffs and customers.

 When the owner was still working for the world most renowned coffee brand, he saw the list of the happiest countries around the world conducted by the United Nations, and the list of the daily coffee consumption per person in each country conducted by All Japan Coffee Association. He found a point that the two lists share in common, and that is the top ten countries on the both lists are Northern European countries. FYI, Japan ranks at 58th of the list of the happiest countries around the world.

 In Finland, companies are forced to give employees a coffee break called “kahvitauko” by law, and the word that represents Sweden is “fika”, which also means coffee breaks. Given the lists and the fact that coffee is deeply rooted in the happiest countries culture, the owner thought “happiness” and “coffee” must be related. This is how he decided he wants to improve Japanese people’s level of happiness by serving coffee. To bring this idea into action, “KIELO” focuses on the quality of coffee, atmosphere, and customer services with the purpose of bringing happiness to people.

 As of high quality coffee, KIELO serves a large variety of carefully selected specialty coffee. KIELO’s coffee is light roasted Northern European style. The high quality Espresso Machine widen the beverage menu they provide. Customers can also choose their favorite mug to have their cup of coffee on the spot, and enjoy their cute latte art as well.
 For a relaxing atmosphere, they have selected Northern European interior design. The owner has actually travelled to Norther European countries and was impressed by how comfortable and warm atmosphere their designs and furniture bring.

 The third focus point is human interactions. The shop provides not only professional and friendly customer services but also chances for customers to get to know each other, such as asking a customer to write a simple message to a next customer when possible. KIELO aims at achieving the excellence in the basic factors of a cafe and hoping to bring people joy and happiness.

Shop Name:KIELO 
Address:1-29-4, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access:6 minutes walk from Showa Street Exit of Akihabara station
Open:Weekdays 8:00-18:00 Saturday 10:00-17:00