June of 2019, The World Best Apple Pie, “mille mele” New Open!

 ”mille mele” is an apple pie stand located 5 minutes away from Kamakura station. They have two existing shops at Yokohama China town, and the new shop will be open in Kamakura. The shop concept is simple, and that is “The World’s Best Apple Pie”. Their apple pie was created by a world renowned Italian chef, Mr. Marco Paolo Molinari. He has won many kinds of awards in the fields of Italian cuisine and desserts.

 The shop name “mille mele” means a thousand apples in Italian. The origin of the shop name comes from the layers of their pie. Their apple pies have 1,000 pie layers, and because of the layers, the pie swells and becomes very crispy when it’s baked. They use a lot of French cultured butter, which is said to be the world most delicious butter, for the pie pastry. So the pie smells sweet and rich, and it leaves the rich taste of the butter in your mouth. For their original custard cream, they use aromatic vanillas, full-bodied eggs, and lightly sweet milk, and add soy cream cheese. The taste is tender and sophisticated. As for apples, they use brand apples called Fuji Apples from Aomori and Iwate in Japan, and use as much as 1/6 of an apple for one apple pie.

 The taste of their apple pie has built a stable position as a dessert shop at Yokohama China Town, appearing on many kinds of media and being loved by locals. The Kamakura branch also provides apple pies for both souvenirs and for eating while you enjoy touring around the city of Kamakura. They hope you enjoy the tenderly sweet apple pies which are safe for everybody.

Shop Name:mille mele
Address:2-12-26, Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Access:5 minutes walk from the East exit of Kamakura station
Open:11:00〜21:00 (not yet confirmed)