February 22, 2021 , the sustainable soba restaurant “SLOVE” New open!!


5 minutes’ walk from Yuigahama Station which is 2 stations away from Kamakura Station, a new sustainable soba restaurant “SLOVE” will open!
“SLOVE” is a coined word of “Slow” and “Move” and is a coined word of “Slow” and “Move” which means to proceed slowly but surely.

Under the theme of “SLOVE (slob)” sustainable (sustainable), we reuse materials from existing stores and up-cycle 90% of new building materials to create a space filled with trees and greenery where customers can relax and enjoy themselves.

In the compost at the entrance of the store, food residues such as vegetable waste and leftovers from cooking are not discarded as waste. Instead, they are placed in the compost and mixed with soil to decompose microorganisms, which can be used for composting. The owner uses compost made from kitchen garbage as fertilizer in his own field, although it is small, and it circulates.

On the menu, we use our specialty 100% buckwheat flour, veggie broth soup made from vegetable waste, jibi jerky and other items chosen from a sustainable point of view, and vegetables are purchased through direct communication with local producers who grow them with organic- and chemical-free fertilizers.
As a surfer and a shop owner who loves the sea, the shop is filled with thoughts about the environment that we want to cherish.

Shop Name:SLOVE
Address:3 -9 -47 Yuigahama, Kamakura City,Kanagawa Japan
Access:5 min from Yuigahama, Enoden Line
Opening Hours:11:30 ~ 21:00
Closed: Monday