On July 4, 2021, we started an online shop of Mont Blanc ice cream from a store specializing in Mont Blanc whose expiration date is two hours.

Mont Blanc Stand, a Mont Blanc specialty store in Kamakura, has a two-hour shelf life and squeezes out the Mont Blanc in front of you after you place an order, in the hope that you can enjoy it in its most delicious state. We have received many requests from customers all over the country for shipment, and we have set up an online shop of “Mont Blanc glacé” and will start selling it on Sunday, July 4.

Mont Blanc ice cream from “Mont Blanc glacé”
The three elements of “Seasonal Montblanc Pesto Meringue Ice Cream” overlap.

●Seasonal Mont Blanc Paste
Mont Blanc is chestnuts, but we only serve chestnuts in fall and winter.
That is because we want you to taste delicious food when it is the most delicious. As soon as you eat it, we want you to remember not only the deliciousness but also the fun and memories of the season with the taste, so we prepare the taste according to the season, spring, summer, fall and winter.
From spring to summer, black beans from Hokkaido and cherry leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture are available. From autumn to winter, there are chestnuts from Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture, pumpkins from Hokkaido, and pistachios from Italy. We use seasonal ingredients according to the season, and prepare 3 to 5 kinds of pastes.

The baked meringue hidden in the Mont Blanc melts well in the mouth and has a crisp sweetness.

●Ice Cream
We don’t use any stabilizers or emulsifiers so that you can tell the taste of the ingredients. We make it as simple as possible.

■My own Mont Blanc ice cream
Customers receive a separate package of Seasonal Montblanc Pesto Meringue Ice Cream. This is the style that customers complete by hand.

You can arrange it on your favorite plate, put it in your favorite glass, or of course, use it as an ice cup.

Depending on how the paste is squeezed out and the part to be cut, the shape of the finished product will also change.
Couples, friends, relaxing time alone, and children. in a variety of situations.

This is my own Mont Blanc ice cream. Please enjoy the process while making it.