A delicious and sustainable bakery in town.
– pain presso –

  1. interior

We planned a delicious and sustainable bakery called “pain presso,” a five-minute walk from the west exit of JR Zushi Station.

“Pain presso” is the French word for “pain: pan” and the Italian word for “presso: near.”
The bread that decorates customers’ daily tables is familiar, but only the owner who trained with French and Italian brands for many years.
The logo was also designed with the wish to deliver bread with original taste.

We envisioned a natural, bread-popping space for our target and local residents.
It is made of Japanese cypress, and the moment you enter the store, you will be surrounded by the aroma of bread and wood. The interior is finished with environmentally-friendly natural paint.
Consideration was given not to damage nature.

“pain presso” is not only delicious, but also serves bread made from carefully selected ingredients from the perspective of sustainability. In the future, we are preparing for a package free system.

We also put a compost in front of the store, and instead of disposing of the food waste generated in the process of making bread,
When it is put into compost and mixed into the soil, microorganisms decompose and can be used as compost for soil making.
This compost will be used in the building where the store is located and will be used as community compost even though it is small.

Because the owner loves bread, we hope that it will become a place that is closely related to the local community and loved by many people.

pain presso

Zushi Station
May 2021
Wooden Building
Number of Floors
1st floor