Connecting Paris and Kamakura with dessert

  1. interior

A three minutes’ walk from the west exit of JR Kamakura Station, the plan was based on
the concept of “connecting Paris and Kamakura with dessert.”

The name of the restaurant, “Régalez – Vous,” is a word used by chefs to serve meals,
meaning “please enjoy the taste to your heart’s content.”
The name of the restaurant is based on the chef’s wish that he wants customers to enjoy
the desserts of a special restaurant that are made with all our heart and
can’t be eaten anywhere else.

One of must eat dish at “Régalez – Vous” is “Souffle on the left bank of Paris”.
This Kamakura store is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy the taste of souffle,
which was the 1766 menu of the oldest restaurant “Lapérouse” in Paris, where the chef
served as a pastry chef.

The interior design is conscious of the modern and historical design of Paris.
The mall was decorated in the image of the history of Paris from the late 1960s to the 1970s.
The fixtures that decorate the mignardises and sandwiches are modernized by using white mortar.

By expressing the past and the present of Paris, you can feel the illusion of
going back and forth between the past and the present Paris while you are in the store.

The design of the stage has changed completely, and the space is surrounded by wood tones
as simply as possible so that the behavior of the owner chef Ryotaro looks beautiful.
The nature of Kamakura and the “Wabi-Sabi” of Japan are created,
and a wall that symbolizes “Régalez – Vous”, called Regale Vlou, connects Paris and Kamakura.
In addition, by making the ceiling in the kitchen R, the “R” of “Régalez – Vous” and the “R” of “Ryotaro”
are emphasized and that “R” is also included in the logo design.

We believe that the on-stage contrast when you enter the store creates a depth in the space and
at the same time it becomes a space that fascinates everything you see.

Lighting was planned to be built into counters, furniture, furniture, etc.
so as to make the best use of the interior design, so that the fixtures themselves
would not stand out and complement the interior and products.
All lighting fixtures use LEDs with high color rendering properties
(how the colors of things look), so that not only the taste
but also the color of the material looks more beautiful and delicious.
Lighting was selected to create a higher quality and more comfortable space.

We hope that a lot of customers will enjoy the top-notch desserts and breads and love the restaurant.


Restaurant Dessert
Kamakura Station
February 2021
Reinforced Concrete
Number of Floors
1st floor