Creating the Community Around the Symbol Tree
– Moshas –

  1. interior

This is a project of Spanish Bar which serves beer and smoked meats near Kamiooka station. It is located along the busy Kamakura Kaido road, and the previous tenant was a shoe shop.

The bar is smaller than 33㎡. We have planned to make this small space not as a fancy bar but the one oriented to the local people such as couples on the way home from work or groups of local friends. Our aim was to make a friendly space where you can open up yourself and relax.

There is a large glass window on the side of the busy road, but a large central pillar of the building was hiding the inside from the window. We considered if we should get rid of it to show the inside widely or not. In the end, we have decided to change the pillar to a new and firmer wood for a stronger support of the building and we made it as a symbol tree of the bar. We hope this symbol tree gives the feeling of being in a home town to the local people.

We have put black boards outside and inside of the bar to write down some new menus and events as a communication tool with customers. We think having casual conversations with people like saying hi to regular customers on the road in front of the shop is one of the best parts of working at a local shop.

We truly hope we have managed to build a connection between the shop and the community.


Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Dining Bar
Kamiooka Station
Sep. 2016
Built of wood