10th December 2017, Sustainable Design Cafe&Bar “fururi” New Open!


Cafe&Bar “fururi” was born with the aim of giving a little “sparkling moment” in daily lives. “fururi” is easy for young ladies to come in alone, unlike bars where they tend to hesitate to go in alone in Japanese society.The shop is located 3 mins away from Yutenji station of Tokyu Toyoko Line.The biggest selling point is “coffee cocktails” which is not known widely yet in Japan. “Coffee cocktails” taste sweet and strong, and also look cute which is a fabulous choice for holiday seasons!It is also a great choice to give a little sparkle to the end of your day.You can also enjoy high quality “Speciality Coffees”during your coffee time.

The inside of the shop is made with woods and plants which gives gentle and relaxing atmosphere with a hint of romantic mood.At the end of the day you feel like adding something to, when you go out with your friends or go on a date…we serve you a nice and warm drinks and atmosphere.

We also have thoughts behind delicious coffees.It is to create a sustainable shop. We compost waste and reuse it.The cups and napkins are made from FSC-certified papers, which are made from thinned woods. We do not just make foods and drinks and produce more waste, instead, we try to start doing what we can do to survive together with the environment that surround us.
Shop Name:fururi
Address:2-10-3, Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Access:3mins by walk from “Yutenji”station, Tokyu Toyoko Line
TEL:Currently Not Available
Seats:Counter 6/Table 6/Outside Terrace 6
Opening Hours:~31th Dec,2017 11:30-20:30 (20:00L.O)/1st Jan,2018~ 11:30-23:00 (22:30L.O)(not confirmed)
Closed:~31th Dec, 2017 not fixed/1st Jan, 2018~ Monday (not confirmed)