April 27, 2022 KEN’S CAFE TOKYO Asakusa branch open !!

Ken’s Cafe Tokyo Asakusa will open a minute’s walk from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba EX Line.
Facing the Shinnakamise shopping street, it is located in a very lively place.

Because of its location in Asakusa, the relationship between tourism and residents is important, and the design is harmonious with the surrounding area.
By interweaving elements such as lanterns and noren (curtain) in accordance with the traditional townscape, it amplifies the liveliness of the town.

The facade is classic, but with an exterior design that mimics the way chocolate drips.
It plays a new symbolic role for Asakusa.

Store Name: KEN’S CAFE TOKYO Asakusa
Address:1-26-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: Tsukuba EX Line: Asakusa Station 1 minute walk Tokyo Metro: Asakusa Line 10 minute walk
Opening Hours:10: 00 ~ 18: 00
Closed: Tuesday