Future Seeds



Spreading A New Idea to The Community

“Au Petit Matin” is a dessert shop which is famous for their delicious Mont Blanc cakes (chestnut cream cake). The shop is located at Kanazawa of Yokohama-city in Japan. The ow…


A Hair Salon that Brings Out Inner Beauty

“I am” is a renovated hair salon located near Gakugeidaigaku station. It used to be named “IVORY”, but we have changed the shop concept, name, and the interior this time. The s…


Mixture of French and Japanese Traditional Culture

We had an interview with the owner, Taichi Yasaku, of a modern French restaurant “FITS” in Ginza, Tokyo. You can enjoy a full-course meal or tailor-made style à la carte there …


Creating a Place that Attracts Locals

This is the first shop of the owner who has hope to support local businesses in Kamakura. When his family and he found the empty property only two minutes away from Kamakura s…


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Branding is not simply designing cool logos and packages.

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